- Why Use a Staffing Agency? -

Why Should Your Business Use a Staffing Agency?
Whether you are a big business or small business, you could most likely benefit from using an employment agency like Snelling Staffing Services in the Midland & Odessa, TX areas. If you are reluctant to hiring on full-time staff, we can help. We help businesses in the area find temporary employees to help business with their demanding tasks. When you work with us, you can be sure that these employees have the skills, education and experience needed to fit the needs of your company without having to interview them yourself, leaving more time to focus on your business.
The following are more reasons why temporary employees are a great choice for your business:

Productivity is generally high – With full-time workers, employees may seem to get burnt out, unmotivated and overwhelmed with their work. When you bring on temps, the work load gets evenly distributed and productivity will improve as the workload is not so heavy. Then, if you experience slow times, you can let the temps go and allow your full-time staff to continue with the work load.

Test them out Afraid of making the wrong choice with an employee? When you hire on an employee as a temp, this is time for you to watch over how well they work. Weaknesses will show through that might not be present during an interview. If you don’t think they make a good fit for your business, you can release them. If you think they would make a great asset to your team, you can hire them on as full-time employees.

Cheaper for youTemporary employees are employed through our temp agency, reducing costs for you. You do not have to pay for health insurance for these employees, or provide them with benefits as you would full-time employees. Having more employees can help take away from overtime, which in turn also helps decrease your costs. As a business, you will not have to pay unemployment when their services are no longer needed. In turn, you HR department will not be bogged down by unemployment paperwork.

FlexibilityTemporary employees are hired on an as needed basis. They can be brought in to cover full-time employee’s vacations or maternity leave, seasonal demands, and more. These employees can be used for full-time work or a couple hours depending on the needs of your company.  

If you think that your company in Midland or Odessa, TX could benefit from working with an employment agency like ours, please call us today! We will get you started on the process of finding qualified employees for your business.
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